Refugee Sponsorship


This page will provide updates on our Refugee Sponsorship Initiative





Presentation Homily from the Launch of Our Campaign: (by Barb Butts, Chair)

Good morning Everyone.
In lieu of divine inspiration, I have decided to talk to you this morning from the heart.
I am asking you to join me in sponsoring a refugee family. Let me tell you briefly how this all came about.
In 2001 we lost a daughter. Her eulogy was read from this lectern. As any parent here knows that has lost a child – you keep asking yourself why it had to be her or him – why didn’t God take me. Well in time I came to accept the fact that I was still on earth because I still had a purpose to fulfill.
For many years I have thought about being part of a group sponsoring a refugee family,. The picture of the 3 year old lying on the beach in Turkey was the spur I needed.
And so here I am, asking you to REACH OUT a helping hand to a family that desperately needs your help.
Try to picture yourself in a camp with children after leaving the rubble that was once your home, traveling often through treacherous conditions to languish in a camp for months, sometimes years.
What would you hope and pray for?
You would want a place for your children where they are safe, where they can experience joy again AND HAVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITIES that our children and grandchildren enjoy.
Yes it will need financing. $30,000 is the target. Please know that we are not asking the church for anything. I am asking you to REACH OUTside the box. This mission will require a great deal of assistance, aside from money.
Further, we would like to ask the whole community of Port Dalhousie to join us in our campaign.
There is so much energy in this church. Over the years I have come to appreciate the diligence and enthusiasm – the way we come together as a family to accomplish our goals.
Well that is what I am asking you to do today – come together as a family. Let’s REACH OUT a helping hand to another family. Let’s give them a life worth living.
Thank you.

Canada’s Refugee   Program – Some Facts    

Who is a refugee? Anyone forced to flee from their homeland by warfare or persecution threats because of race, religion, political opinions, or social group memberships.
Approved Sponsored Refugees enter Canada as Permanent Residents.
Are there security checks? Sponsored Refugees have satisfied security checks by UNHCR, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, CSIS, RCMP and other intelligence agencies both national and global.
What kinds of Refugees are included?  The Anglican Diocese of Niagara settles refugees from any situation, regardless of faith, orientation, or other identifier.
Health Care? Sponsored refugees, as permanent residents, are covered by our provincial health care plans.
 Who pays travel costs? At this time, costs are classified as a loan, to be repaid by the newcomers
Can refugees seek work? Definitely. Sponsors are responsible for assuring newcomers are registered with all employment resources.